Ultimate Ballet Flat Shoes

The never ending search for my ultimate ballet flats has come to an end. Nothing is more feminine for me than seeing a lady casually dressed or dressed for an occasion wearing gorgeous ballet flats. I have developed this syndrome which I call “ballet flats envy” when I see a beautiful pair on slim feet.

I am a stay at home mother with a gorgeous one year old boy and if I allow myself to dress frumpy (joggers and trainers all the time), I will feel lazy and won’t give myself the dignity of being a stay at home mother. No offence to mothers who prefer to dress like this, after all everyone has different tastes and priorities. Thus the search for ballet flats on my feet as I go for short trips to playgroup, do a bit of (window) shopping, have coffee date in the cafe with my baby or friends and a walk in the park when the weather is dry etc. Long walks deserve comfortable sneakers though.

The Australian-made Bloch flats win my vote. I acquired a pair of luxury patent flats a month ago which didn’t need breaking in at all and I was so happy when I discovered these shoes! After a month of constantly wearing them, they remain my favourite. It’s like walking on air, after all Jacob Bloch has a reputation for making good quality dance wear shoes. My street flats have good insoles so that I don’t feel the stones in the pavement while I am walking pushing the buggy and has an adjustable bow for better fit. They are slightly expensive but if you’re like me and would prefer to buy a few good quality shoes rather than loads of cheapies which won’t last long, this maybe your dream ballet flats too. I just love them and I just had to buy it in the staple black colour too!

Aged Blochs

walking on air with Blochs
Street ballerinas


Now that I have found the brand of most comfortable ballet flats for me, less trawling on internet forums and reviews to find another. Maybe just the Bloch sales for different colours!

Ballet flats from this brand called Pab Der were my favourite until I met my Bloch flats. They are made in the Philippines from the softest Italian leather, sadly they don’t have padded insoles so unless you are wearing tights or stockings, they may not be a good choice for a fair bit of walking. Their moccasin version has padded insoles though so very comfortable. I have had these shoes for years but they are still looking new. I just put them in their boxes when I am not wearing them. Pricing is very reasonable for Pabder shoes.

Pab Der flats
Pab Der ballerinas

The American Tory Burch Caroline ballet flats is also a top favourite. They need breaking in, (wearing thick socks underneath while at home before wearing outside on bare feet or with shoe liners). So patience is needed here, no pain no gain. The leather is soft and the gold Tory Burch logo just says classic elegance. Caroline flats don’t have padded insoles but not too thin for you to feel the stones on the pavement. They can be comfortable when worn for short periods but there seems to be something weird in the shape that pushes my feet forward and can hurt when worn for longer.

Purple or nude Tory
Purple or nude?
Purple Tory Burch ballerinas

I also own colourful ballet flats such as from H&M, London Rebel and Office as well as other Tory Burch designs but they all just sit in the shoe rack as they are not comfortable to walk in.

What would your favourite ballet flats be if you have any?

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